What Yoga causes

The desire for a harmonious, fulfilling and healthy life is rooted in many people.
However, ever-increasing demand pressure at work and privacy, as well as chronic stress can overwhelm every day anew, degrade the performance and make physically and mentally ill in the long run. Noise, bustle and stress can also and increasingly restraining life in metropolitan areas. 

Yoga works on completely different levels:
on the physical level, it promotes health, relaxation, harmony and wellbeing
on intellectual and intuitive level, it awakens skills
on an energetic level, it brings us in the given, possibly jammed by biographical events, blocked or turbulent life energy (again) for tiles and keeps them in the river
on a spiritual level, it could allow an opening for a higher reality.
On the physical level enable the dynamic exercises, such as the sun salutation all the muscles, organs and organ systems of the physical body. Stretching exercises (asanas) can dissolve old tensions itself.

Yoga promotes flexibility of the spine and whole body, develops muscle strength, especially the most important muscles in your back, abdomen, arms and legs. 

Yoga is very good for your condition:
In particular, the dynamic sun salutation and breathing exercises (pranayama) improve the efficiency of the cardiovascular system and the respiratory system. 

Yoga has a good effect on the nervous system:
Yoga promotes coordination and balance 

Yoga helps you to relax completely:
Breathing exercises to relax the internal organs. The deep relaxation at the end of a yoga class results in a very deep experience of relaxation for body, mind and soul. 

Yoga helps to good health:
Yoga can prevent disease and even cure. Many studies show: Yoga is helpful for back problems, headaches, hypertension, insomnia, asthma, joint pain. Yoga can be supportive helpful in rehabilitation from cancer and heart patients. Yoga is probably the best researched and most effective natural health care. 

Yoga helps to more energy and vitality:
Almost every yoga practitioner can feel more energy and zest for life in itself, because yoga life energy (prana) aktiviert.Yoga opens the many energy channels (nadis) and activates the energy centers (chakras). You’ll probably be amazed at how good you feel after a yoga class. 

Yoga exercises are like oases in the midst of everyday life:
Through them you can find in you the place of rest. Whoever practices yoga, can better let go and unwind – to get involved more in what he is doing.
Through the practice of Yoga you can find to yourself and mental abilities can awaken in you more:
Yogaübende report in the yoga classes that different skills are strengthened in them such. As self-awareness, mindfulness, empathy, ability to concentrate, memory, creativity, perseverance and serenity for a more relaxed handling of himself and his fellow man. 

Yoga helps you to open yourself spiritually:
You can come to yourself through yoga more. It may also happen that you get beyond the body, emotions and thoughts – to your true self. It may be that you are experiencing an opening – access to find a higher reality. Possibly you erahnst then the meaning of your life.
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