The Yoga Studio Oasis

In  Yoga Studio Oasis you have the opportunity to learn Hatha Yoga in the tradition of Swami Sivananda and Swami Vishnu Devananda and practice.
In a relaxed, pleasant atmosphere of Geyserhauses and upscale atmosphere with the Contorhauses you have the wonderful opportunity to learn yoga individually in small groups and develop your yoga style. It is less important to a good figure to make, but it comes to feel comfortable and to practice full of joy.
The yoga lessons, based on demand, the skills and the age of the Yoga student.
I myself have been practicing for over 13 years now daily yoga. My knowledge, my own training practice and my instructor experience flows into my yoga classes.
You’ll learn in our yoga studio, (again) more careful to listen to your body and be on your body. You learn in practicing the yoga exercises (again) to know and comply with your anatomical limits.
You experience release the tensions of everyday life that bring you in given life energy flowing again and to keep it flowing. You’ll be amazed at how fresh and powerful you can feel at the end of a yoga class.
Yoga allows you to find a way inside, to simultaneously strengthen the body and mind for the world outside. So you can return back strengthened in your everyday life.
In yoga studio you can currently visit the following courses:
>>> Yoga gently for beginners <<<
>>> Yoga gently Intermediate <<<
>>> Yoga gently for a healthy back <<<
>>> Yoga gently for people with special complaints <<<
>>> Hormone Yoga <<<.
All yoga classes begin with an initial relaxation in which you learn to let go of everyday life. In the main part you will learn breathing techniques (pranayama), yoga postures (asanas) and relaxation techniques with the aim of your body, your mind, your soul and your breath to bring in harmony and maintain. At the end of each unit Yoga is the deep-end relaxation, after you can forcefully return to your everyday life.
You have in our yoga studio the following options:
You may want to make the course “Yoga for beginners gentle” your first yoga experience and then expand your yoga practice in subsequent courses.
You have already some time ago first yoga experience in a cure or an outpatient rehabilitation on site, at a gym or another studio and made like to want to re-enter. Here would be the course “Yoga gently – Intermediate” recommended for a restart.
Some yoga practice is already one of your daily life and you are looking for a yoga studio to relax. In this case, you are right with us. I recommend you also in this case in Yoga Class “Yoga gently – Intermediate” to begin to come with the other yoga practitioners on an equal level.
From early 2017 a weekly yoga circle and a twelve week course are planned “Yoga for advanced”.
Then you can decide where you feel challenged and repealed best.
Love Yoga course participants and love yoga buyers,
we meet in this yoga studio full consideration and respect on the familiar “Du-level”.
If that is okay with you, then you are exactly right with us.
Welcome to our Yoga studio “Oasis”!

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