Yoga – a millennia-old system

The word yoga comes from Sanskrit, the sacred language of India and most original meaning “unity” or “harmony”.

The Yoga goes back to a centuries-old Indian tradition.
Since the 19th century the custom in the Western world, yoga is practiced more and more in the Western world. Meanwhile practice worldwide over 300 million people Yoga – in Germany alone about 4 million people.
Especially valuable is to see that it is based on the age-old experience of the yogis as to its effects and precautions, and that can be resorted to their experience, that you should consider when practicing.

Yoga is a proven, comprehensive training system to bring the body, mind, soul and breathing in harmony and to activate the self-healing powers.

Yoga helps:
• the physical body to strengthen
• to let the spirit come to rest
• the in us given their own life energy (again) to bring the tiles and keep the flow and thus (again) to find in their own strength.
• to find the higher self.

The Yoga has undergone many changes and renovations. Many new yoga paths have emerged and exist peacefully side by side. So can today find the path of yoga itself, which suits him every human being.
Probably the most popular and most practiced is the path of practice of hatha yoga.

The path of yoga that follows the traditions of Hatha Yoga, including:
• Relaxation techniques
• statically held physical exercises (asanas)
• motion sequences (flows), such. As the sun salutation
• breathing exercises (pranayama)
• Cleaning exercises (kriyas)
• concentration exercises (Dharanas)
• meditation (dhyana)
• an all accompanying, constant self-examination (Svadhyaya).
Hatha Yoga is not just a stringing together of physical and mental exercises, but in principle also a way of life.
Yoga is not a competition! Is to practice yoga fun and do the body good. You practice yoga in your anatomic Grenzen.Im Yoga, it is crucial that you find out what your body, your mind, your mood, your well-being and your health is good. Perhaps yoga is therefore as relevant today, successful and popular.
In hatha yoga, the yoga master recognized many centuries ago that an exercise practice can be very successful when it is adapted to the individual needs and the age of the exerciser, as details may change the needs and possibilities of practitioners over the years ,
Hatha Yoga enables health at all levels (again) to acquire and consolidate – on physical, mental, energetic and spiritual levels.
Further information can be found on the page >>> What Yoga causes <<<.
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